donderdag 5 april 2018

AFLAC quack quack Benjamin Graham Intrinsic Value analysis

AFLAC is an insurer in the USA and Japan.

The last AFLAC 2 for 1 stock split was a few weeks ago on the 16th of March 2018:


The Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio, based on the greater of the current PE or the PE using average earnings over the last 3 fiscal years, must be "moderate", which this methodology states is not greater than 15. Stocks with moderate P/Es are more defensive by nature. AFL's P/E of 13.60 (using the 3 year PE) passes this test.


The Price/Book ratio must also be reasonable. That is, the Price/Book multiplied by P/E cannot be greater than 22. AFL's Price/Book ratio is 1.40, while the P/E is 13.60AFL passes the Price/Book test.

Increasing Dividend: Currently $2,08 / $44 = 5% plus 4% sharebuybacks per year.

AFLAC isn't a standard insurer. It gives people extra cash in one day when they get sick or injured. Here is there first duck commercial that explains the idea.

Later Melania Trump starred in an AFLAC commerical.

AFLAC has consistently outperformed the index:

Some more explanation from the Motley Fool:

It is still run by the original family:

Note: Why are revenues falling?
Answer: Weakening Yen

Checklist: 5 x M: Marktpotentieel, Marge, Moat, Management, Money

1. Marketpotential: Can the company grow exponentially?
FAIL: due to demographic trends in Japan and high current penetration

2. Marge: Margin and/or Return on Equity
15-20% ROE pass

3. Moat: Pass Economies of Scale and Brand

4. Management: Pass

5. Money: Is the price ok? Pass

Checklist failure: market potential for growth

 Personal note: Many Americans don't save and invest. Customers would probably be better off saving and investing their money in a cheap index fund than paying premiums to AFLAC and its shareholders. That way they would have more money for a rainy day.

Stand april 2018 inleg 2 450 Eur, Graham Waarde 4 532 Eur, korting 32%

Mr. Market vroeg minder geld voor hetzelfde aandeel in bedrijven waardoor we nu meer aandelen hebben en minder cash per persoon (nu €39,-). De aankoop beslissing hangt samen met onze "value averaging" techniek.

Het lijkt een prima moment voor nieuwe Machinisten om in te stappen.

Steinhoff blijft spannend, is zeker geen Graham Defensive aandeel.