vrijdag 19 januari 2018

Stand februari 2018 inleg 2 350 Eur, Graham Waarde 3 943 Eur, korting 21%

We hebben Steinhoff gekocht, niet een Graham Defensive aandeel (teveel risico door schulden). De boekwaarde van Berkshire Hathaway van Warren Buffett is geschat op $140 per aandeel, hoger dan nu, door belastingsverlaging in de VS van 33% naar 21%.

De korting is afgenomen doordat veel koersen gestegen zijn. We hebben nu 262 Euro cash (8,5%) per persoon en kunnen volgens de "value averaging" methodiek profiteren van toekomstige koersdalingen.

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zaterdag 6 januari 2018

Investing Inner Scorecard Ansgar John 2017

Mistake of omission:
Not buying Footlocker at $30 at Earnings Yield of 13% and passing Graham Defensive Criteria. Group process avoiding "retail" regardless of price.

Selling some Hibbett Sports at $10 after buying at $9 at height of maximum panic. Sell decision should be part of continuous portfolio optimization.

What is missing is a framework of "continuous portfolio optimization" Turtle Creek Canada, "active sizing" Alex Roepers, "buying on a scale" Walter Schloss
To do: 1

Today Steinhoff Holdings opportunity cost? Selling at a PE of 2 , earnings yield about 50%?

Not selling Seneca Foods eventhough management is mediocre, not shareholder friendly, allocating capital into a dying industry (canned foods).

Not understanding Interdigital business model. Take more time for in depth study. Best companies and why? Visual finance plus study with RM.

Looking at stock prices to much and not enough at underlying companies, moats, unit costs.
Thursday: stock price day and track 9% swing minimum.

donderdag 4 januari 2018

Thal... Holdings buybacks best scenario

Eerste vraag is hoeveel warrants zijn er? Warrants give people the right, but not the obligation, to buy shares at a certain price before expiration. I don't know if there are more warrants and what the price is at which shares can be bought.

13 september 2017: 500 000 warrants used to buy new Thal. shares. So there were 500 000 more shares after this day, than before. I don't know what the people paid for these shares.
The longer the share price of Thala... Holdings stays low, the more positive it is for longterm shareholders due to current and possible future buybacks.

The company has sold WG P its main company. At 20,6 million shares outstanding, this would be the situation:

Net cash                                               $21,3m
Shares in The Local Shopping REIT   $9,3m (at cost)
Autonomous Robotics Limited            $8m (at valuation of current offer)
Other                                                    $0,7m 
Total                                                     $39,3m
Per share: $1,91 book value per share or 1,41 GB Pounds

The company has been buying back shares under book value:
208 250 shares @ 1,05 GBP = 0,219m GBP
  80 000 shares @ 0,079 GBP = 0,079m GBP
110 000 shares @ 0,99 GBP = 0,109m GBP
400 000 shares @ 1,00 GBP = 0,4m GBP
798 250 shares    for     0,807m GBP

Shares today: 20,6m - 0,8m = 19,8m shares outstanding

Total book value = $39,3 - 0,8m GBP = $38,2m per share $1,93

Current budget to buyback more shares = 1,6m GBP (of original 4m GBP)

@ 1 GBP per share = 1,6m shares

After that:  19,8m shares - 1,6m = 18,2m shares outstanding
Book value $38,2m - 1,6m GBP = $36m
Book value per share = $36m / 18,2m shares = $1,98 = 1,46 GBP

@ todays share price 0,94 GBP, does a 6% lower buyback price make a big difference?

Shares 1,6m GBP budget / 0,94 GBP per share = 1,7m shares

After that: 19,8m shares - 1,7m = 18,1m shares outstanding
Book value $38,2 - 1,6m GBP = $36m
Book value  per share = $36m / 18,1m shares = $1,99 = 1,47 GBP

Best scenario? Extra huge buyback of 10m GBP at 1 GBP per share?

Number of shares: 18,2m - 10m = 8,2m shares after major buyback

Book value: $36m - 10m GBP = $22,46m

Per share $22,46 / 8,2m = $2,74 per share or 2,02 GBP per share

You might be able to buy a Pound for 50 cents?

Overhead costs in the year?