zaterdag 6 januari 2018

Investing Inner Scorecard Ansgar John 2017

Mistake of omission:
Not buying Footlocker at $30 at Earnings Yield of 13% and passing Graham Defensive Criteria. Group process avoiding "retail" regardless of price.

Selling some Hibbett Sports at $10 after buying at $9 at height of maximum panic. Sell decision should be part of continuous portfolio optimization.

What is missing is a framework of "continuous portfolio optimization" Turtle Creek Canada, "active sizing" Alex Roepers, "buying on a scale" Walter Schloss
To do: 1

Today Steinhoff Holdings opportunity cost? Selling at a PE of 2 , earnings yield about 50%?

Not selling Seneca Foods eventhough management is mediocre, not shareholder friendly, allocating capital into a dying industry (canned foods).

Not understanding Interdigital business model. Take more time for in depth study. Best companies and why? Visual finance plus study with RM.

Looking at stock prices to much and not enough at underlying companies, moats, unit costs.
Thursday: stock price day and track 9% swing minimum.

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